Granite Showcases the World’s Natural Beauty

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Granite is a common type of igneous rock which can be used for many things. From large buildings, to even larger pyramids, the intrusive rock is a go-to for building and aesthetic purposes. The rock can be many different colors, from pink to gray. The interesting patterns and ability to be sanded down to a smooth texture are what makes the stone such a desirable material for construction.

Formed through crystallization from magmas, granite is a beautiful rock that is known to have constructed the third largest pyramid in Egypt, The Red Pyramid. It is comprised mainly of limestone and granite, and was created in 26th century BC. The stone is also present in the Great Pyramid of Giza, and Black Pyramid. Egypt enjoyed using the rock for many other purposes, such as columns, door lintels, sills, jambs, and wall and floor veneer. Brihadeeswarar Temple in India was the first temple to be constructed out of the igneous rock, and still stands as one of the tallest in the country.

GraniteIn modern times, granite is used for things such as statues, sculptures, memorial grave stones, buildings, home renovations, and engineering purposes. Because it is such a hard stone, it is used for statues and sculptures, and even grave stones due to durability and the beautiful outcome that is produce once it is shaved and carved. The rock is also used as a dimension stone and tiles for commercial and residential properties – it used to be commonly used in the building of foundations in England because of its abundance. Nowadays, the most popular use for it for home renovations; the polished look of the stone works impeccably well in kitchens and bathrooms. The hard surfaces allow for extensive use, being tough enough to repel scratches, burn marks and other effects that some countertop materials would not be able to withstand. Another interesting use for the substance is in the field of engineering – engineers often use the polished rock’ flat surface as a plane of reference.

Oddly enough, granite is also one of the most desirable rocks when it comes to the sport of rock climbing. This is because of its steepness, friction, soundness, and crack systems. The stone is so popular with rock climbers that indoor climbing facilities often shape their artificial rocks to look and feel like granite. Some of the natural spots for the occurring rock are Yosemite, the Bugaboos, and Baffin Island.

Granite is a precious material that can be used for a number of different things – whether it’s for aesthetic purposes such as home renovations or sculptures, or for durability purposes such as building and rock climbing. The most important thing to note is that the rock is very tough, and therefore will last a long time. This should be taken into consideration for anyone who is looking to freshen up their living space with new kitchen countertops, or entry way tile flooring. The beauty of the intricate patterns and colors of the natural resource are not something to overlook.

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