How to Make Use of Granite Slabs

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Granite is as beautiful as it is strong. It is the root of the mountains and can be found in mountain ranges the world ‘round. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular choices for stone floors, tiles, and countertops. Prized for it’s durability and bacteria resistance, it comes in many different colors and is made up of minerals such as feldspar, mica and quartz—which give it that sparkle.  Granite slabs can have natural swirling spattered patterns throughout it.

Granite slabs can be sold directly to the consumer. Granite slabs will often come with a surface finish already applied.  Slabs are most often used as countertops and are usually installed by professional installers. For our customers who prefer to pick up their slabs directly there are a few things to make sure to bring with you:

1.     A dolly, ratchet straps, and boards. Granite slabs are very heavy and having the right equipment will help protect the stone and your back.

2.    Another pair of hands.  Usually long and weighty, granite slabs can me hard for one person to move on his or her own, so always make sure to bring along a friend or two.

When moving the granite slab with the dolly make sure to have the load secured, and that the dolly you are using is rated for the weight it will be carrying. The granite should be prevented from moving as much as possible; so one person should always be keeping an eye on it while it’s being moved. Once the slab is loaded in the vehicle, it must be loaded vertically and secured with the boards and ratchet straps, as laying it flat can cause cracking.

While these steps can help consumers understand the basics for moving granite slabs safely, we at Pacific Shore Stones always recommend having professional install granite slabs. Granite can also be used around the pool, as tabletops, desktops, vanities, and in many more areas.

Customers can check out our inventory of granite slabs either in person at any of our thirteen locations all over the continental United States or online here on our website. The inventory for all of our locations can be found online and customers can choose the granite for them.

Granite slabs are a great choice for any renovation or new house build, and can be used in many different ways. With colors from black, to grey and brown, with different patterns unique to each slab, granite is a great accent stone. From the roots of the mountain to households all over the United States, granite is one of the strongest stones out there and can be used for almost anything.

If you are interested in learning more about granite, granite slabs, or other household finishing materials for kitchen or bathroom renovations, do some research to find a supplier or retailer nearest you. They will have the knowledge and expertise you need to make the right decision for your project and keep you on budget.

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