Why Regular Septic Tank Maintenance is Important?

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Septic tanks require pumping at least once every few years if not annually. Every household’s or property’s needs are different when it comes to a septic system. But irrespective of the size of the septic tank, you need to pump and maintain it as needed.

Septic tank maintenance is an essential step in keeping the sewage waste from your home or property safely inside the tank until it can be disposed of safely.

Here’s why septic tank maintenance is important.

To Keep the Septic Tank in Top Working Order

A septic tank works constantly to keep sewage waste out of your home and safely store it until it can be removed. But you need to ultimately pump-out the septic tank to avoid the buildup of waste inside it. Without proper maintenance, the septic tank can stop working efficiently after a period of time.

With the accumulation of solid waste, it can be difficult for the wastewater to find any space inside the tank. It then begins to back up inside the house. You will soon find the drains inside the house overflowing and toilet flushes not working properly.

When the septic tank is pumped-out regularly; the solid waste is removed in a timely fashion. The septic tank then works properly as it should be without any problems.

To Prevent Septic Tank Failure

Without regular septic tank maintenance, there is always a risk of system failure. When a reliable septic tank pump-out professional regularly inspects and maintains the septic tank on a property; any minor problem can be checked and corrected before they become big. With regular septic tank maintenance, you can avoid emergencies related to it.

An overflowing septic tank is an emergency situation. It can pollute groundwater and expose your family and the entire community to infections and diseases.

An aging septic system can also breakdown at any time. Reliable septic tank service professionals can perform regular inspection and maintenance of septic systems to keep them functioning smoothly. It can be very costly to replace the entire septic system. Even extensive septic tank repairs can require you to spend a significant amount of money.

Even a small leak in the septic tank requires immediate attention. It needs to be sealed or repaired without delay to avoid the stored waste material from contaminating the groundwater or cause any other problem.

Problematic septic systems can also negatively affect the value of a property. No one wishes to buy a house or a commercial property with a poorly-maintained septic tank on the verge of complete system failure. If the septic system on a property is already completely out-of-order; the value of that residential or commercial space can experience a steep decline.

To Prolong the Life of the Septic Tank

Periodic septic tank maintenance can extend the life of the septic system on your property. Maintenance work can include inspection of the septic system and pumping it out as necessary.

You need to pump out the septic tank depending on its use. A septic tank professional can help you guide with its maintenance schedule. Pumping out the septic tank may not be necessary every year. Usually, it needs to be only done once every 2-3 years depending on its use. But an annual inspection is necessary as pump-out professionals can check the system for any leaks, buildup problems, or any other troublesome issue. They can then perform the pumping or repair work as needed.

To Keep the Septic Tank from Polluting the Groundwater

Even when the septic tank is working efficiently and not causing any backups or other problems in your house; it can still cause sewage waste to enter the ground. It can then contaminate the groundwater.

The contaminated groundwater can flow into nearby bodies of water such as lakes and river. It can get into canals also. The infected water can not only be harmful to humans but also for livestock and other animals.

To Summarize

It can be very cost-effective to pump-out and maintain a septic system. Septic tank pump-outs are necessary only once every few years. With annual septic tank maintenance, you can keep it functioning properly for years down the line.

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