The Importance of Regular Maintenance to Avoid Septic Tank Repairs

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Septic tanks come in different sizes and capacities. The frequency of cleaning to be performed on these tasks depends on a number of factors like the usage, number of members in the family, sludge levels, and so on. As a homeowner, if you cannot remember when you last cleaned or pumped out your septic tank or do not know it because you recently bought an existing property, it may be a good idea to get the cleaning done as soon as possible. Also, to schedule a routine maintenance with the septic tank cleaning company, so that you do not miss out on the cleaning the next time around. If you are wondering why routine septic tank maintenance ( ) matters and how it helps avoid costly repairs, read on.

# 1 – Prevent sewage backup

As more and more solid and liquid wastes accumulate in your septic tank, the chances of sewage backing up into the drainage pipes as well as into kitchens and bathrooms in the home or flooding out of the drain field increases. Not only does this sewage cause a foul smell, but the bacteria, parasites, and viruses contained in it pose many health hazards to you, your family, and pets. When you opt for regular and timely septic tank maintenance, the cleaning company removes all solid waste so that it does not rise to dangerous levels that cause backup, blockage, or leakage into drain fields.

# 2 – Ensure free-flowing drains

A similar problem like sewage backup that occurs when septic tanks are not cleaned on time is drains getting clogged or emptying slowly. This can become extremely irritating, like when you have to stand in a large pool of foamy water as you try to hurriedly take a shower or bath and get to work. Or for that matter, spend extra time in the kitchen washing food or utensils only because the drain does not empty as quickly as it should. Pumping out sludge from septic tanks helps avert these problems and leaves plenty of room for the water from the drainage to flow freely into the septic tank.

# 3 – Detect faults early on

Most homeowners consider septic tank maintenance to include just pump out and cleaning, but the truth is that a professional cleaning company also inspects the tank and associated parts for problems like cracks, leakages, blockages, and so on. When such issues as detected early on, these faults can be repaired in time, thus saving you precious money that may otherwise have been spent on installing a new tank or a complete septic system. Identifying troubles as soon as they occur also saves you the trouble of having to live with a malfunctioning system, the stench, and other hygiene issues to the residents and neighbors that arise as a result of septic system breakdown.

# 4 – Adopt better habits

Septic tank cleaning companies often do much more than pump out services and maintenance tasks. A professional company can assess the situation of your septic system and advise you on healthy habits to adopt for a well-functioning septic tank. These tips can be on what to and what not to flush down toilets or bathroom drainages, kitchen sinks and the like. They can also help identify chemicals, which may be disturbing the bacteria and the natural decomposition process within the septic system. Such tips are especially helpful if you haven’t been paying attention to what you throw down the drains, or if you have a family of many members, who may not be aware of best practices.

# 5 – Improve the life of the septic system

All of the above-mentioned aspects of routine septic tank maintenance ultimately contribute to the better life of your septic system. No blockages, backups, or overflowing drainage fields, plus early detection of faults mean not just a well-performing septic tank but also the entire system, including pipes, drains, and drainfields. Thus, when you take out time to get your septic tank cleaned and maintained regularly, you ensure that it stays functional and healthy for a long time. Ultimately, keeping your septic system working properly also helps keep yourself, your family, pets, and surroundings clean, healthy, and disease-free.

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