Reasons to Love Your Coffee More by Using Ceramic Coffee Dripper

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A ceramic coffee dripper is a simple tool to brew really flavorful coffee in a jiffy. When you use it, you won’t need to second guess the flavor or the intensity of the brew. Once you get a fairly good idea about the brewing process, you can prepare a delicious cup of coffee whenever you feel like having it at home.

Here are the reasons to love your coffee even more by using a ceramic coffee dripper.

Hassle-Free Brewing Process

Using a ceramic coffee dripper is very easy. The brewing process itself is fairly simple.

All you need a good quality of ceramic dripper, coffee, and filter. You need to place the right-sized filter inside the dripper and put it on your coffee mug. Place ground coffee inside the filter as per your taste. You will need approximately two tbsp of coffee for every six-ounce of water. You can increase or reduce the amount of ground coffee for a stronger or milder brew respectively.

Now, boil the water. The ideal temperature of the water for coffee must be in the range of 195 to 205 degrees F. Measure two ounces of water and pour it over the coffee. Ensure that you pour slowly and in a spiral pattern. You need to simply wet the coffee grounds. After a pause of 20 seconds, repeat the process. You will need to do this at least three times. The 20-second pause allows the coffee sufficient time to bloom well.

The coffee will drip from the dripper into the mug – ready to be sipped and enjoyed!

So, within minutes; you can brew delicious coffee at home. You don’t need a machine that requires plugging in or uses coffee powder from the pouches.

The dripper is easy to clean as well. So, you won’t need to worry about the cleaning chores every time you want to brew the coffee.

Perfect Cup of Coffee

The pour-over coffee is always flavorful if you use the right ceramic coffee dripper. Ceramic helps to retain heat that is needed to brew the coffee perfectly. The ceramic will keep the water hot enough to enable it to work perfectly on the coffee grounds.  If the water begins to cool down before the coffee grounds have had the time to bloom properly; the brew won’t taste the same.

The design of the ceramic drippers are also ideal to brew the coffee right. If you buy the dripper with spiral ridges; the water will stream via channels and then reach the coffee grounds. Without spirals, the water can wet the coffee all at once; interfering with the brewing process.

The hole at the bottom of the dripper also contributes towards making the brew more flavorful. Tiny holes can clog the dripper and hinder the brewing process. If the water flows slowly through the dripper (slower than what is ideal); your brew can become more intense in flavor; even bitter. The dripper with one big hole at the bottom will help you brew the coffee in the desired intensity.

Free from Toxins

Nobody wants to consume toxins with their food and beverages. But with so much plastic use in every sphere of life; toxins in your food and liquids are bound to be present every now and then at least if not more.

Even if the chemicals or toxins are not in greater quantity or intensity; they can still alter the flavor of the ingredients. When you use ceramic coffee dripper; your coffee is at least safe from toxins. Plastic containers in coffeemakers or even hot water you keep in the plastic cup for your coffee can change the taste of your coffee a bit. For those who are passionate about their coffee; even a tiny bit of change can be disappointing for them. Over the years, the tiny amount of toxins in your coffee can also add up to a significant number. But there are no such risks with a ceramic dripper. Ceramic is a safe material to use with hot water and beverages. When you use ceramic coffee dripper; you can enjoy a tasty and safe cup of coffee with every cup.

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