How to Build Horse Barns – Using Horse Barn Builders

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Build Your Dream Horse Barn with Expert Builders 

Choose the Right Site

Regardless of whether you own a barn site or look for one, make sure that its well-drained and having extended land of grazing field with green grasses. It should’ve connection to utilities and driveways. Spend some time for a few days at the site and feel the general wind direction. Horse barns in Culpeper prefer having wide central aisle which works as a wind-tunnel with the barn’s well-thought orientation.

Decide on Stables

Considering the size of your area and barn house, you can consider having straight stalls or box stalls. While the dimension of box stalls range from 10 ftx10ft to 12 ft x12ft, by making them bit larger you can facilitate the larger horses to move around comfortably and lie down without any hassle. On the contrary, the straight stalls of 45 ft (8×5) are also sufficient for horses to lie down comfortably. For a pony, a 10’x10’ is enough initially, however, it will eventually require bigger space. To house horses with mares always provide generous box sizes to make them feel roomy.

Consider Wider Aisle

Instead of having 12ft aisle width, why not consider 14 feet that offers enough space to move horses or taking delivery of supplies and moving equipments. It would not cost you a lot more that 12ft aisle way and eventually you will be benefited. A spacious aisle way within horse barns in Culpeper looks simply great especially when ornamented with new generation wall lighting accessories.

Flooring Type

Considering your budget, you can go for asphalt flooring which is non-slippery and available in varieties of colors and easier to maintain. Hardwood is an excellent choice while concrete slab covered with rubber mat is more than fantastic for relaxed living of your horses. However, if you consider rubberized floor, never choose low quality product to prevent them from common digging and scratches. Aside from this, sand, gravel, and clay are also used for stall flooring.

Stall Doors

Both swinging and sliding doors can be used for horse barns in Culpeper and irrespective of the types, doors should be fitted with durable latches that horses cannot break. Swinging doors are required to be open toward the alley while auto shut system is a consistent choice. Opposed to swinging types, sliding doors are more popular and excellent for space saving. General door size should be minimum 4 ft in width.

Ideal Barn Ceilings

When it comes to ceiling height, let the horses raise their heads without having any difficulty or injury due to hitting the hard ceiling. Even though, the standard barn room height is 8 ft or 2.4 which is fine for average horses or ponies but for taller ones, this is not ideal, so it is better of go for one ft extra height. Notably, the lighting fixtures that are hanging from the ceiling need to be eventually protected.

Windows and Lighting

Windows are most essential part of horse barns in Culpeper to foster natural ventilation aside from natural lighting. Swinging windows and sliders are equally popular; however, they need to be fenced with grill so that horses cannot break the panes. Windows should be positioned on the higher part of the walls throughout the stable.

All wiring and lighting accessories should be installed with safety concern in mind. Wiring should be moisture and rodent proof while lighting bulbs need to be protected with safety cages and placed on the higher walls where horses cannot reach. Areas including aisle, tack, shower room, and supplies room should have good lighting arrangement.

Adding of Horse Shower Stall

Essentially, wash room with proper drainage and overhead hose system is a must-have for your proposed horse barn that helps in cleaning and grooming horses throughout the year. Keep needed arrangement for cold and hot water, while more than one hose and as well as manually operated hose for caretakers and keepers is a great choice.

A Space for Tack Room

Finally, horse barns experts recommend for having a dedicated space to be used as tack room. This is a vital part when it comes to horse stalls and needs to be well equipped with saddles, blankets, brushers, bridles and other equipments and tools.

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