Five Features of a Great Drip Coffee Maker

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Using a drip coffee maker can make a huge difference to your everyday brew – and in a good way.

Not all drip coffee makers are complicated or expensive machines. You can even choose simple manual drip makers to brew a perfect cup of coffee whenever you feel like it. If you are looking for a new coffee maker then consider these five features to find a great product.

  • Manual Brewing

You will find different varieties of drip coffee makers in the market today. From manual brewing to automatic machines – there are varied options for everyone. But there is something more organic about the manual brewing process when it comes to making your coffee.

When looking for a new coffee maker; try to find a good brand that makes drip coffee makers with manual brewing. Simply follow the instructions that come along with the product and you will be able to brew your coffee perfectly.

Usually, you need to place the paper filter into the dripper. Then place the dripper over a mug or carafe. Add the coffee and water to the filter as per the instructions. You will need to slowly pour the water over the filter at least three times. The fresh coffee will slowly drip into the mug underneath the dripper.

Within a few days, you will be able to brew the coffee without the instruction manual. You can easily adjust the taste of the coffee (stronger or milder) as per your preference. You don’t have to strictly adhere to the instruction manual. Simply adjust the ratio of the coffee and water.

  • Spiral Ribbed Wall

The spiral ribbed wall in a dripper plays an important role in brewing the perfect coffee concoction. The ribbed pattern helps channel the flow of water for optimal brewing. The angled walls of the dripper also help the water flow with the desired speed. The combination of the angled wall and ridges are ideal for making the most delicious coffee.

If you pour water directly over the coffee grounds; it will impede the brewing process. The coffee won’t bloom properly and it will adversely affect its taste. So, ensure that the drip coffee maker you plan to buy has ridges incorporated into its design.

  • Large Bottom Hole

The hole is an important feature of the dripper.

You will find drippers with small, medium, and large holes at the bottom. But really nice drip coffee makers will always come with a large bottom hole.

Multiple small holes in the dripper can block the smooth flow of the brew. Tiny holes can easily become clogged with coffee grounds even if you use a clean dripper. Due to the clogs, the brew can’t flow easily through the dripper and into the cup below. The unnecessary delays will make your coffee stronger than you prefer. The resulting brew will be quite bitter in taste.

One large hole in the dripper works best as the water can flow without interruptions. The brew’s strength will be as per your taste if you choose a dripper design with one large hole only.

  • Ergonomic Handle

Imagine it’s time for your coffee and you drop the dripper just at that time! Such incidents can happen if the handle of the dripper is not designed for efficiency and convenience.

Yes, the handle of a drip coffee maker seems like a simple thing. But consider it when buying one. Choose an ergonomic handle design.

  • Ceramic Body

Drip coffee makers are available in different materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and ceramic. If you are planning to buy a new quality drip coffee maker, choose a ceramic one.

A ceramic dripper will retain the heat and keep the brew nice and hot. Metals and glass can also retain heat to some extent but they do not compare to ceramic in this regard.

Plastic drippers can release toxins into your coffee due to the action of the hot water. Such toxin may not harm you in the short term but for long-term use; plastic drippers can be really bad for health. Chemicals in the coffee from the plastic can also alter its taste.

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