Why to Buy Beautiful Copper Sinks for Transforming Your Bathroom

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One of the primary reasons why copper sinks are so loved is because of their stunning, dark patina look. However, not many are aware about their immense health benefits. Copper tubs and sinks offer antimicrobial properties and can kill bacteria growth in matter of hours. Though you will still need to take care of your copper bathroom sink but it might just be safer than maintaining porcelain and steel sinks.

But the problem is buying these sinks can be very perplexing. By educating yourself about the properties and maintenance procedure of these sinks, you can make your buying decision simpler. Here are some facts to debunk some common misconceptions regarding copper sinks.

Why to Buy Beautiful Copper Sinks for Transforming Your Bathroom

Fact # 1: Maintenance of Copper Sinks is Very Easy

While growing up you must have seen your mom struggling to keep your copper pots and pans shiny and regularly scrubbing and polishing them. This is the reason why most of us believe that this metal is very high maintenance. This is not true! The thing is unless and until, you’re talking about highly polished copper metal products, taking care of natural copper is actually very easy. Its natural, dark brown patina does not require any maintenance at all. Your sinks and tubs are made in a way that they will pretty much take care of their natural look themselves.

Fact # 2: Good Quality Bathroom Sinks Will Look Better Over Time

The most beautiful feature of copper is its miraculous ‘living finish’. This is what makes it different from its counterparts and is the reason why it is one of the most favored metals for manufacturing sinks. If not treated with other chemicals, natural copper when interacts with oxygen darkens over time. It begins with a bright pink tone, which gradually develops and transforms into a beautiful deep, rich brown color.

Fact # 3: Copper Repairs Naturally

As compared to other metals used for manufacturing bathroom sinks, copper is not as prone to regular, everyday use scratches. However, the benefit of copper is that whatever grazes and discoloration, you will experience, you will not have to do anything to repair it. Because of its darkening properties, the scratches will naturally fix themselves over time by blending with the original color. Just wait for a few days and you will not be able to notice them anymore.

Fact # 4: Copper is Antibacterial

Another major benefit of using copper sinks in your bathroom is that this metal is naturally antibacterial and does not require any disinfectant cleaning whatsoever! According to recent researches, bacteria can only survive on copper for a few hours. On the other hand, the same bacteria can live for days on other materials like steel and porcelain. You do not have to worry about disinfecting your bathroom sinks regularly if they are made of copper. In fact, this metal was recently recognized by the US EPA as a registered antimicrobial material that stops the growth and kills bacteria. Usually this registration is only given to disinfectant liquid, aerosols and sanitizers.

Fact # 5: Copper Sinks are Durable

High quality copper metal is very sturdy and durable. You must have noticed that even various museums display copper pots and pans of previous centuries. This proves that quality copper products have better longevity. Copper is exceptionally durable, cannot be damaged and will even look better over time! With bare minimum care, your copper bathroom tub or sink could very well stay intact for hundreds of years and can be utilized by your kids, grandkids, their kids and many more generations to come.

Fact # 6: There are Various Types of Copper in Copper Sinks

Always remember that all the copper sinks are not same. There are different types of coppers that are used in manufacturing of bathroom sink. This is what affects their quality, durability, looks and use. Various kind of copper used in manufacturing include pure copper, recycled copper and copper alloys. Your sinks not only need to be beautiful but also very sturdy to withstand the effects of daily use. While alloys may look better but they are not durable. Therefore, ensure that your sink is only made of pure copper.

You will be absolutely delighted with the exceptional quality of copper sinks in the bathroom as they will add beauty and quality to your house and will spectacularly make your bathroom look distinct and extraordinary!

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