What Mold Removal and Mold Inspections are All About

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Nobody wants to see mold growing anywhere, and even more so if it is growing in a place where it shouldn’t be growing, such as in the corners of the basement or in the air ducts. Is it always a problem, and when should you worry about mold removal?

What is mold and why is it bad?

Mold is a type of fungi that grows where there is moisture. It gets into the home in particularly wet places, like in the shower room or after there has been a water pipe leak or flooding. Mold growing in the home is always bad. We are not talking about the good type of mold that produces penicillin or blue cheese! Mold that grows in the home is dangerous. Why? Because when mold starts to grow, it feeds on and damages the material it is growing on. Black mold is quite unsightly when growing on the walls. As well, mold is a hazard because the spores that release in the air can cause illnesses when they are breathed in. That’s what makes mold removal so important.

How difficult is mold removal?

Mold removal, or mold remediation, must be done everywhere that the mold is growing. If you spot or smell mold, call for a mold inspection to discover the extent of the problem. It must be done thoroughly because it can return if it is not. When you call for mold removal services, technicians with OSHA certifications will come to do a mold inspection in the area where the water damage is. They will inspect more than the area, however. They will also make a visual examination of the whole building and the HVAC system, and they will collect samples of the surfaces and the air. This is mandatory in a public building.

If mold is not completely removed, it can return. It only needs darkness, time, warmth, and a surface, such as drywall, carpeting, or wood. So, if you have had mold, or suspect it is in the home, then call professional mold removal technicians to get rid of it properly.

How is mold removed?

In the past, chemicals and bleach were used to kill mold, but this can cause more problems since these, too, are breathing hazards. There is an alternative to chemicals and bleach for proper mold removal, and that alternative is high heat. Mold remediation through heat kills all mold, even mold that is not accessible, and the heat also kills the bacteria that is breathed in. The heat also dries out the air and the area of dampness, and it kills any insects that may spread the mold. High heat can also reduce odors that mold causes. Heat is much better than bleach for mold removal since it does the job thoroughly, it is non-toxic, and it is chemical free. This is a welcome alternative at this time, when indoor air pollution is on everybody’s mind.

When should you get a mold inspection?

If you are concerned, or are questioning the extent of the mold problem, then call for a mold inspection. If you can see the mold, there is obviously a problem. For proper mold removal, inspectors will need to determine the extent of the problem, and this also determines the method, scope, time, and type of mold removal to be done.

A mold inspection may not be necessary, but there is certainly information to be learned from conducting one. And, if the source of the mold is not known, then it is even more necessary to learn the extent of the problem before going forward with mold removal.

Don’t worry about the mold in the home. Just call for mold removal.

Mold is not rare, and having it in the home is not uncommon, especially if there has been severe weather, floods, fires, or water damage. Mold can be easily removed by certified, professionals who have the proper qualifications. Don’t try to take on mold removal on your own. This is a job for professionals. When you call mold removal technicians, they will give you the information you need to end the mold and its hazards without further damaging your property or your health. Get the facts from people you can trust to handle the mold remediation and the mold removal without putting further stress on you and your lifestyle. Mold is no one’s friend, but a good mold removal service can help.

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