Marble Countertops and the History of this Stone

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Marble countertops are still considered the peak in decorating and home renovations. A home that has marble countertops has a luxurious and timeless look that home owners treasure and visitors marvel over. While countertops are one of the most common uses for marble, home decor with this medium also can include pillars, floors and statues. While marble does require its own strict set of care for longevity, it is a fairly easy product to maintain. Aside from being a household kitchen favorite, here are other interesting facts and uses for this natural stone.

1.  In 2006 6.5 million tons of Calcium carbonate was produced, calcium carbonate is finely ground marble and is found in products such as toothpaste.

2.  The game called Marbles originally was played using real sculpted marbles. Alternatives were being researched due to the expense of this game. A glassblower invented marbles made from glass in 1846 which forever changed the product that was used to play this popular game.

3.  The Statue of David was carved from white marble from Carrara, Italy.

4.  A 3D replica of the Ferrari 250 GTO was carved from a piece of Arbaescato marble. It took 100 hours of carving with drills set up in one of the world’s largest shaping mills and then was finished by hand. This car retails for 30,000 pounds.

5.  Rolling pins are a favored cooking item for chef’s as it does not conduct or transfer heat. The weight of the pin also aids well in making pastries. Marble rolling pins also look fantastic when sitting on a marble countertop.

6.  The Danby Quarry in Vermont Danby is the world’s largest underground marble quarry. The same entrance has been used for over 100 years and the marble is mined approximately 1 ½ miles underground.

7.  The exterior of the Lincoln Memorial is made from Yule Marble mined in Colorado. Yule Marble is quarried inside a mountain over 9000 feet above sea level in Yuke Creek Valley.

8.  An Italian immigrant named David Alleno spent 29 years working in the Recoleta Cemetery. This gave him plenty of time to consider his own death and resting place. He purchased a plot in this same cemetery and then travelled to his homeland to have an artist recreate his carving. His marble likeness was complete with the broom, watering can and his keys. He died in 1915 and was laid to rest in his pre-designed tomb.

Marble has worked its way through each generation for centuries with various uses in various countries. However, no matter the use or the location, it has always been considered a stone of great prestige and value.  Different colors of marble used to depict different areas of the world that it was quarried from. Somebody who wishes to have marble countertops in their home can choose from a variety of options to suit their needs. From marble countertops to marble decorations, this wonderful natural stone will always be a considered a household luxury. With the countless options of type, style and color, adding marble to your home will add wonders to its own value and style.

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