Why All Kitchens Need Granite Countertops

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If you flip through a home or garden magazine, or look at popular real estate and renovation shows on television, you will notice a common trend: many people want to put granite in their homes, such as interior granite countertops and exterior features as well. Granite is found in many countries around the world, like Spain, China, Brazil, the United States, and Canada (among other places).

Why do people like granite so much?

People love using granite because of its beauty and durability. Granite is one of the hardest forms of stone available, in fact only diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are harder than granite. Granite is also resistant to heat and stains. Due to its durability, granite can be used both inside and outside. In fact granite is often used for making statues because of its ability to stand up to the elements like the wind and rain. Inside the home, granite countertops are used in many kitchens and bathrooms, too.

GraniteCountertopsWhat is in granite?

Granite is a type of stone or rock that is naturally occurring and found all over the world. Granite is made up of many different minerals, the most common being mica, quartz, and feldspar. The granite that is found on earth can vary in color and look depending on what minerals (and the proportions of each type of mineral) are in the granite. Some granite countertops might look grey, while others have a more pinkish or light hue.

Do not be fooled by faux granite– real granite countertops are best for a kitchen

Some retailers will try to sell off faux granite as being as good as the real thing, but it is not the same. Faux granite is usually just laminate that is made to look like granite, but people should know that faux granite countertops are not the same as real granite countertops. For one thing, laminate is not a natural stone. Laminate is a manmade plastic material, and therefore is not as durable as real granite. Laminates also cannot hold up to stains—with granite most stains can be easily wiped away with a cloth and nonabrasive cleaner without any permanent damage, but a stain on laminate countertop (even when wiped away) could cause discoloration. Laminate is also not resistant to high heat the way granite is, and could be damage by exposure.

Quality over quantity

While laminate and faux granite may be cheaper than real granite, it is still best to go with a high quality and durable product like granite. This is particularly true when it comes to high traffic areas of the home like the kitchen. With granite countertops in a kitchen or bathroom, the price paid for the product is like an investment that will not only look good, but can stand the test of time and help add equity to a property’s value. For these reasons and more, granite is the natural choice for everyone to use.

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