Granite Countertops – The Reasons for their Popularity

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There is no question that granite has been and continues to be a very popular material used in renovation projects both in residential and commercial sites. And when it comes to countertops, granite is still one of the most typical materials installed in both kitchen and bathrooms. Let us take a closer look at granite countertops and look at the reasons for their popularity.

Natural Beauty of granite

Granite is one of the most beautiful and unique natural stones used in residential and commercial renovations today. It has stood the test of time with respect to its desirability for a number of key reasons – and when it comes to granite countertops – the reasons for their popularity of numerous, natural beauty being on the top of this list. Every piece of natural granite is completely unique to itself and depending on the cut and usage, no two pieces will ever be the same – the patterns and hues will differ even within the same piece of granite allowing for a home owner and/or interior designer to pull particular colors from each piece to change the entire design or to emphasize a particular design. Combine its natural beauty and the uniqueness of each piece, there is no question as to why granite is still one of the most popular materials. Granite makes countertops that look luxurious and are not mass-produced in any way. This allows for granite to have appeal across all styles and designs.


Granite countertops – another reason for their popularity is the material’s attribute of being so durable. Composed of a variety of minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and mica, marble and  granite naturally forms in hundreds of colors, and is quarried worldwide, but most often from Brazil, Spain, India and China.

With respect to the durability factor, granite slabs is highly heat, scratch and stain resistant. In a nutshell, granite countertops will stand the test of time, can take quite a beating, and will still remain brilliant in any space. Bathroom and kitchen countertops are expected to be able to handle heat, lots of activity, differing temperatures of liquid spillage, etc. Granite is not going to be susceptible to damage in most of those situations. That being said, this high degree of durability will ensure that you get a high value for your money due to long term savings on repairs and further renovations.


With respect to the aspect of maintenance, granite countertops – another reason for their popularity is that they are relatively maintenance free even in high use areas. Once a piece of granite has been sealed, the maintenance then consists of cleaning them with soap and water and then re-sealing them annually. You can be guaranteed to keep a nice clean new look with very limited elbow grease and concern for maintenance – and in our busy lives, this becomes an even greater reason for their popularity.

Stands the test of time – added value – not a trend

When one is seeking to renovate or remodel a home, looking to kitchens and bathrooms becomes a common place to seek the greatest return for your money. Granite countertops – the reasons for their popularity truly stems from the fact that they are desired by many and therefore they maintain their value – add value to any space and continue to increase an overall’s spaces value by adding class and luxury. Additionally, granite as a material for countertops appears to not be a trend – it is standing the test of time and continues to be used by more and more homeowners when they consider upgrading their homes or are sought out in new homes. Granite countertops ( have a long lifespan – often times lasting decades as bathroom and kitchen countertops – the initial cost may be high compared to other materials however the granite itself will outlast most other materials, giving it a true value. That is one of the key reasons why the sight of granite alone seems to drive up the home’s value.

Granite Countertops – the reasons for their popularity are numerous but it is for certain that granite as a material will continue to maintain its popularity in residential and commercial renovations and builds so long as it is available – its natural beauty and uniqueness, durability, low maintenance and long lifespan will continue to ensure granite remains a popular renovation material.

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