Five Popular Garden Tools to Care for Your Garden

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Are you searching for popular garden tools to care for your garden? Opt for the right tools that will give you the best quality and ease of operation. This will help to make gardening enjoyable. You may choose a good shovel with classic handle. However, there are a number other options for gardening tools like scoops, trimmers, weeders and shears. Now, the question is which tool will suit your need? Which one do you feel is comfortable to use? Definitely, you will look for the tool that will keep everything within your arm’s reach whenever you go to your garden. It could be for pruning, digging or harvesting. Select the tool that will be better for your back and relaxing for your soul. Nevertheless, the preference for a gardening tool varies with season and also with places. Let’s check out the five popular garden tools that are essential for everybody who cares for the garden. So, whether you are a home gardener or a nursery owner, have a look at these tools for revamping your garden.

  • Weeding Tool – It’s of no doubt that hand pulling is one of the easiest methods of removing weeds. However, it is effective if the weeds are small and have short roots. Moreover, if you want to spend an extended period of time on your knees and reach out to pull weeds, hand pulling will be the best option.  Nevertheless, if you want to get rid of long weeds, best weeding tools will be the right solution. Wide arrays of weeding tools are available in the market. Short handled and the long handled are the two basic weeding tool types. The former is ideal to work on knees in the tight planted area, whereas the latter lets you stand while weeding, covering a larger area.
  • Gardening Hoe – You can tackle the never ending battle with weeds by choosing gardening hoes. They are available in different shapes comprising diamond shape, half-moon shaped, heart shaped and many others. Diamond shaped hoes work best on push and pull strokes. Other hoes include Dutch, Scuffle, Hula and several others for undertaking diverse activities like weeding between plantings, creating seed furrows and cleaning up between crop rows. You may also use loop hoe for edging and weeding. The blade is ideal for slipping below the top layer of soil and scraping the roots out of dirt. This helps the weeds to come up easily. Moreover, loop hoes help to cultivate the top portion of the soil, making it perfect for fertilizer mixing or nourishing the top layer without causing any harm to the underneath soil structure. It is perfectly suitable if you add compost or want to eliminate overgrowth in a bed which is already planted.

  • Splitting Axe – If you want to cut logs placed in a vertical position with a downward stroke, splitting axe will be the perfect solution in this regard. It helps to cut beside the grain of wood, unlike forest axe that cuts across the grain of the wood. Fiskars splitting axes minimize the number of hits for splitting the wood. Remember that the head of Fiskars axe will not get stuck easily in the wood. Moreover, Fiskars axes offer optimal sharpness, perfect weight distribution, cutting-edge blade geometry and are difficult to break. The manufacturing of Fiskars axes allows the blade to cut deeper and enhance the chance of one-strike splitting at each time of swing. You can split small to medium size logs with this tool. In addition, the longer handle makes it perfect for splitting extra-large logs with greater power and speed.
  • Knife – Knife is another popular tool used by the gardeners. Hori-Hori knife – a Japanese tool is a preferred by many gardeners. It is available with stainless steel concave blades having a sharp edge on one side and a jagged edge on the other. You can use it for cutting roots, transplanting, separating perennial plants, dividing lawn, weeding, eliminating undergrowth and undertaking other gardening tasks.
  • Rakes – Rakes serve a different purpose for the garden. Many opt for shrub rake as it can be easily fitted into a tight and small space. On the other hand, some like to work with fan rakes to rake off leaves and smartening up the place while collecting the last debris. You may also use hard rakes for moving leaves, soil and compost, organizing annual beds and smoothing out the soil.

So why are you waiting for? Choose the best gardening tool ( and get a weed-free lawn without application of harsh chemicals.

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