Five Essential Plant Watering Tools They Can’t Do Without!

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There are many types of plant watering devices for all sorts of gardening requirements. To keep plants healthy and optimally growing, it is important to water them right using the ideal tool.

Here are five essential gardening tools that can make growing and maintaining your garden easier.

The Hose

The good old hose has been used for watering plants in all types of gardens and by every gardener out there. But hoses can break easily, so it is important to buy study ones but that are also light in weight. Dragging a heavy hose all around the garden is not fun and you are likely to not use it for long. It is best to purchase weather-resistant hoses to prevent damage from sun or freezing winters. Rubber hoses can last longer than vinyl ones.

If you need to irrigate the garden deeply, invest in a good soaker hose. Soaker hoses seep water into the soil with tiny holes as you place it down on the grass. If you have a flat garden area that you need to water efficiently, using a soaker hose can be a good idea.

With hoses, you also need nozzles. Choose a nozzle as per your requirement such as for spraying smaller-sized plants. You can also choose a nozzle with multiple settings to use as you need.

The Watering Can

The dependable watering can is kind of synonymous with gardening. If you are a gardener, you probably have a can or two even if you use a hose or other plant watering devices in your garden. If you want to use a can every now and then (or more often), it is best to buy a metal one instead of plastic ones. There is always a risk that plastic can seep into the water and harm the soil.

You can buy watering cans with different sized spouts to cater to all kinds of plants. You can even use a colorful can in your garden as an accessory even if you don’t use one.

A Root Watering Tool

If you are keen on using plant watering devices that can hydrate the soil optimally then invest in root watering tools. These innovative devices help the water reach deep inside the soil and enrich roots. With root watering tools, you won’t need to water your plants frequently as the soil will retain moisture that will be absorbed adequately. With proper hydration, roots can grow stronger and support the growth of healthier plants.

Another benefit of using deep root watering device is that water doesn’t remain on leaves and foliage. Such type of water retention can burn leaves when the sunlight is at its peak.

Root watering devices are available in beautiful designs and can act as decorative accents for the garden. You can use them in small planters as well as to water any kind of garden – big or small.


You need sprinklers if you have large farms to irrigate or a lawn to maintain in perfect condition.  Sprinklers are also ideal plant watering devices for big landscaped gardens, which require a lot of maintenance. But you can also buy sprinklers for smaller gardens.

There have been many innovations in sprinkler designs over the years. You can buy pulsating sprinklers that are adjustable devices to water gardens in circles or half-circles. Then there are self-propelled sprinklers that can move around the garden as needed. It can be ideal for large gardens and farms or for people who are short on time. You can also buy sprinklers with oscillating backward and forward movement for optimum performance.

A Watering Wand

Those who prefer to water by hand may require a watering wand for hard-to-reach garden areas. These wands come with extended handles to help you water the plants properly in cases where watering cans are inadequate.

You can buy water wands with adjustable nozzles and ergonomically-designed handles. You can also choose a length for the wand that is ideal for your gardening needs.

Any keen gardener is likely to use more than one watering tool in his or her garden. Often, it will be dictated by necessity. There are no hard rules here. You can switch watering devices as your gardening needs also change.

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