Why the Cost Differs From Slab to Slab in a Granite Warehouse

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Inside a granite warehouse, you will find so many styles, and colors of granite stone, that you won’t believe your eyes. You would feel like a kid at Christmas.

Although you’ve probalby heard about how Granite comes from the depth of the Earth’s crust, do you know the full story about what happens in the Earth’s structure to create the various colors of golden rock that we call “Granite.” And store in Granite warehouses until they are used to create the décor of homes and buildings?

If Granite is just a rock that we get from the Earth’s crust, then why is it so beautiful and sometimes expensive to buy from Granite warehouses? The price of ganite is generaly set according to its different shades and hues. So if you intend to buy from a granite warehouse to update your kitchen, don’t you want to know why some slabs cost a lot of money, while others are less expensive?


Why Granite Warehouses are Full of Different Colors and Styles of Granite

After a volcano erupts, the molten lava, or magma, flows over the Earth’s surface and then saturates the rocks and drains into the Earth’s crust. When the molten lava cools, it solidifies and develops into a rock,called granite. The process is actually very simple. So this means that when there is a volcanic eruption, or a continential shift, there is an abundance of granite. However, this doesn’t mean that countries without valcaonoes don’t have granite. In fact, granite isn’t scarce because the world is rich with granite, but finding and mining enough to fill a granite warehouse can make it expensive.

If There is an Abundance of Granite What Makes it so Special?

Even if it were possible to find every granite mine in the world, and use our tools to cut off every piece we could see, we still wouldn’t have enough granite to lower the price. Because every time we cut off granite and fill up granite warehouses we have to wait millions of years for more to be formed. The process for the molten lava to erupt, cool, solidify, and become what we call granite rock is very slow. But to many people, giving your kitchen and other rooms in your house the luxurious look with granite from a granite warehouse it is worth it to spend as much as they have to. And to get the most beautiful granite that will keeps guests talking, you have to buy finely grained granite.

Granite Warehouses are Stocked With Fine and Coarse Grained Granite

One more thing that affects the cost of granite is whether its grain is fine or course. Finely grained granite spends more time in the Earth’s crust, and needs more time to cool then solidify, receiving extra pressure from the Earth. This makes it harder to find, a higher quality of rock, more durable, and thus more expensive. Basically, all slabs of granite stored in granite warehouses for purchase are different. Some are better quality and therefore more expensive, but this does not necessarily mean that they aren’t all beautiful and unique.

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