How to Buy a Rustic Dresser for Your Bedroom?

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Every bedroom deserves a dresser where you can keep all your dresses, cosmetics, daily things that you need on the go. A dresser is also a special place in your bedroom where you go every day, keep all your essentials and build a relationship that is normally not noticed. However, it is impossible to imagine our daily routine without a dresser. Apart from the functional aspect of it, dressers are also prominent interior décor items that create value for themselves and stand apart from other things in a bedroom. Dressers can be made a wide variety of things, have a wide variety of shapes, different number of compartments and have hundreds of different finishes.

Rustic dressers are a type of dresser that is very popular these days, owing to their warm and rustic appearance and feel. Anything that is rustic seems to be from another age and has a story behind it. Rustic dressers too look as if they belonged to many people over the years and have many memories etched into it. Moreover, these dressers also fill a sense of warmth and coziness in the bedroom with their natural and raw appearance, with all their dents, scars and imperfections. If you are planning to buy a dresser this post will introduce you to rustic dressers and also give certain important guidelines on how to buy one.

1. Size

Bedrooms always need a lot of space to move around as the bed occupies a large chunk of the bedroom and leaves little space to move around. However, one also spends a lot of their home time in bedrooms and it is necessary that no annoyance is caused by big, heavy things. Thus, ensure you choose a rustic dresser that fits into your bedroom and there is already a designated place in the bedroom where you want to place it. Generally, bigger dressers have more compartments and a lot of shelf space when compared to smaller dressers. So, plan your bedroom accordingly before you decide on the size of the dresser, as it is only when you know how much space can the bedroom accommodate for the furniture, you can decide the size you want to go with.

2. Wood

Secondly, you also need to decide the type of wood you need your rustic dresser to be made with. Durability and resistance from moisture rot and rust is a list of criteria you must consider while making the choice of the wood. Also, the wood you choose must have a rustic appearance to it and be available in the market for a reasonable price. Pine dressers are excellent rustic dressers as they are very durable and also gain a rustic appearance over time. Furniture made out of pine are susceptible to scars and dents, which is the perfect setup you need for the wood to become rustic and rough. Rustic furniture is all about the subtle imperfections and scars on them that develop a legacy over time and handed over to generations to come.

3. Finishing and Protective Coating

It is up to you to decide the kind of finishing and color you need for the rustic dresser and also it is up to the interior décor scheme of your home. Whether or not you have a rustic themed house, the finish and the color have to go along with their surroundings and nearby furniture. Americana, black, red, turquoise, white and medium wax are few of the most popular finished preferred for pine and other wooden dressers. Whether you are going for new wood or using reclaimed wood, preservation is very important no matter how durable the wood is. So, ensure that the dresser you buy has a layer of coating of preservatives done before you buy it.

4. Storage

Rustic dressers can come as both chests and armoires and it is up to you what you want. Armoires are those that are up to your waist and have about 6-9 drawers. Chests are up to your chest and have 3 or more drawers along with the other 6 or 9 of an armoire. If you have a lot of things to store in your bedroom dresser, going for a chest is a smart choice.

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